Almenara marsh

The Almenara marshland covers an area of 1,500 hectares, spanning four villages (Moncófar, Chilches, La Llosa, Almenara) of the Plana Baja (Castellón) and three (Sagunto, Benavites, Quartell) of the Camp de Morvedre (Valencia). As this is an area of great environmental interest, with an important natural biodiversity, it was included in the catalogue of wetland areas approved on 10th September 2002 by the Valencian Government and it forms part of the Lugar de Interés Comunitario (LIC) [Place of Communal Interest] of the Red Natura 2000. In addition it is a declared ZEPA area (Zona de especial protección de aves) [Area for the Protection of Birds].

These environmental characteristics, along with the presence of the Acció EcologistaAgró,a Valencian ecological association, encouraged us to purchase the land. The signing of an agreement of collaboration is an example of collaboration between entities whose aim is the defence and conservation of the environment.

Through the cooperation of AE-Agró, Fundem will give the purchased land over to a reserve for fauna, a place in which some of the priority species of the wetlands will be able to live, for example  the crested coot (Fulicacristata), the swamp hen (Porphyrioporphyrio), the midwife toad (Alytesobstetricans), the Valencian toothcarp (Valencia hispanica) and freshwater mussels (Unioelongatulus). Fundem will form part of a joint project initiated by Acció EcologistaAgró, whose activities and aims are directed towards the conservation, dissemination and highlighting of the environmental, historical and social characteristics of the Marjal de Almenara.

Cadastral data:

Zone: Date land registry: Value € Area: Pol: Plot: Land registry reference:
Calzada y Cuartons del Canari 28/02/2013 47.320 € 59.179 m2 6 57 12074A006000570000LI