Purchase of land

One of its key actions is based on the purchase of land of high ecological interest for their integral conservation.

Estación biológica El Mas del Peraire. Tinença de Benifassà. Castellón.
Deed of purchase: 20/12/1996 - 21/07/1997
A/ Land registry reference: 12093A018000020000WD Area: 0.516.136 m2
B/ Land registry reference: 12093A018000030000WX Area: 1.282.750 m2
C/ Land registry reference: 12093A019000060000WK Area: 0.459.495 m2
La Vall de Gallinera. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 05/05/2008
Land registry reference: 03136A007008650000ZI Area: 02.787 m2.
Sierra de Bernia. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 09/06/2008
A/ Land registry reference: 03041A052005060000JI Area: 13.789 m2.
B/ Land registry reference: 03041A052001470000JM Area: 05.559 m2.
La Vall de Gallinera. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 01/08/2008
Land registry reference: 03136A007008120000ZA Area: 05.863 m2.
La Vall de Gallinera. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 26/09/2008
A/ Land registry reference: 03136A007008610000ZK Area: 02.269 m2.
B/ Land registry reference: 03136A007008680000ZS Area: 02.548 m2.
La Vall de Gallinera. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 13/02/2009
Land registry reference: 03136A007006680000ZR Area: 12.162 m2.
Valle del río Mijares. Yátova. Valencia.  
Deed of purchase: 22/12/2009
Land registry reference: 46263A015000360000KO Area: 31.480 m2.
Almenara marsh. La Llosa. Castellón.  
Deed of purchase: 28/02/2013
Land registry reference: 12074A006000570000LI Area: 61.270 m2.
La Casella. Alzira. Valencia.  
Deed of purchase: 18/06/2013
Land registry reference: 46017A055005410000IU Area: 33.153 m2.
La Vall de Laguar. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 31/07/2013
Land registry reference: 03137A001001840000WU, y 8 más Area: 132.757 m2.
Benimantell. Alicante.  
Deed of purchase: 20/11/2014
Land registry reference: 03037A005000340000DQ Area: 36.437 m2.