Fundem's relationship with other entities

Fundem is a member of the following entities

Associació de Propietaris Forestals Tinença-Ports

The association aims to bring together forest owners holders of agroforestry farms that are in the territory of the association, to pool the interests of forest ownership.

Member since May 2016.

Asociación de Fundaciones para la conservación de la Naturaleza (AFN)

The AFN is born from the need to defend the specificity of conservation foundations private base, encouraging us to the networking for to share experiences, and to have a unified representation in public administrations and other operators.

Member since March 2016.

Planta Europa

Planta Europa is the most prestigious organisation in Europe in matters of the conservation of flora. It is made up of a series of members of a very diverse kind, from local governments to non-profit making associations.

Member since November 2007.


Avinença is a name which has taken on an interesting initiative in our area. It is a Valencian association for the responsible safe-keeping and management of land. Its objective, and ours as members, is to achieve voluntary agreements with private owners to manage and protect land.

Member since June 2007.

Asociación Española de Fundaciones

The Association, declared a public utility, encompasses more than 750 Spanish Foundations in all areas of activities and of all sizes, both national and indigenous or local. It has three main objectives:

  1. To represent and defend the interests of Foundations at the Public Administration and in society as a whole.
  2. To provide services for its member Foundations to help them in their management and in the achievement of their aims.
  3. To bring together and strengthen the Foundation sector, promoting mutual knowledge, collaboration, synergies and networking.

Member since March 2005.