The aims of the Foundation are the conservation, recovery and management of the natural and cultural heritage through the purchase, study and management of land, gardens and places which stand out for their value in relation to the protection of biodiversity and natural ecosystems.

These aims will be achieved through actions which, in an expository manner, are detailed below, as well as other similar actions

  • To encourage activities directed at the respectful enjoyment of nature.
  • To promote, and collaborate in, all types of actions directed at the prevention of forest fires, to carry out reforestation with indigenous species appropriate to the ecosystems and all measures directed at preventing the loss of biodiversity and deterioration of the ecosystem, as well as those directed at correcting the advance of erosion and desertification of our land, refilling and improving the underground water supplies.
  • To promote, advise on and carry out projects, research programmes and intervention programmes on the environment for the preservation and regeneration of natural spaces and endangered species.
  • To apply for grants, help and prizes to help finance research work relevant to the aims of the Foundation.
  • To network with public and private entities which have among their main aims the development of research on the environment, agreeing on exchanges of information at all levels.
  • To develop any activities necessary to fulfil its aims whenever they are not contrary to the law.

Because of its particularly conservationist, cultural, scientific and supportive nature, the Foundation is not affiliated to any political or religious ideology, nor can it serve any other purpose than those expressed in the article, unless this means giving up participation appropriate for it in public life, as entity which develops activities of general interest, through legally established channels.