The Foundation

Name: Fundación Enrique Montoliu - FUNDEM

Legal status: Foundation, prívate non-profit making entity

Date of constitution: 14th June 1996.

Registry of foundations in the Comunidad Valenciana: number 256-V.

The Enrique Montoliu Foundation is governed by its statutes, and its governing body is the Board of Trustees. It is subject to the Conselleria de Gobernación and the Justicia de la Generalitat Valenciana, through the Servicio de Entidades Jurídicas – Sección Fundaciones, which assumes the functions attributed to it by article 68 of the Ley del Consell for foundations, among others.


The Fundación Enrique Montoliu -FUNDEM- is a prívate, non-profit making entity created in 1996 and dedicated to the conservation of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean.

The Foundation is not affiliated to any political or religious ideology, nor does it serve any other means than those expressed in its statutes, unless it means giving up participation appropriate for it in public life, an as entity which develops activities of general interest.

It has two main lines of action and both have as their objective the conservation of our natural sustainable environment, as well as making the public aware of, and involving them in,, the conservation of the natural heritage of Valencia.

1.- The dissemination and promotion of the use of indigenous species in gardening, of special interest from an ecological point of view and the c,onservation of nature.

In respect of the means of dissemination and promotion of the use of indigenous species in gardening, Fundem has a 50.000 m2 demonstration garden in Pedreguer, Alicante, the Mediterranean garden l’Albarda. A garden with indigenous species showing the great diversity of our flora, outstanding for its beauty in every season of the year, and managed according to the strictest sustainability criteria. It is an example to follow in the introduction or restoration of gardens, be they public or private, if we want to preserve the great biodiversity of our area and also contribute towards slowing down climatic change at a global level.

Its natural and landscape quality has been recognised with the Magíster de Paisajismo prize in 2002, awarded by the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

2.- The responsible management of land, the purchase and protection of areas of high ecological interest for their integral conservation.

With reference to the responsible management of land (purchase and protection), FUNDEM   owns more than 240 hectares of land in Tinença de Benifassà, one of the areas of greatest ecological value in the Comunidad Valenciana. This was purchased in 1997 when there was nothing to protect this space.  In a Resolution of the Dirección General para el Desarrollo Sostenible, of the Conselleria de Medio Ambiente , dated 14th August 1998, it was declared a hunting refuge, with the name of Estación Biológica Mas del Peraire. Subsequently, three flora microreserves were created under the project LIFE for the Conservation of Flora in the Comunidad Valenciana, and in 2005 it was declared a reserve of wild fauna. Today it forms part of the Tinença de Benifassà National Park in the Castellón province.

In addition, since 2008, with donations from members in the form of annual membership fees, Fundem has purchased land which isn’t protected but which, nevertheless, has a high natural and landscape value.