Maintenance of the cherry trees

Next Sunday 5th of February we will prune the cherry trees of the plots of the Vall de Gallinera.

It will not only be a day with work but also a day, where we have the possibility to meet each other and contact nature.

Trip to Corfu: the garden island

We are already preparing the next trip to Corfu, the largest of the Ionian islands. It is a green island where many cultures were settled. Colony of the Roman Empire, first, Byzantine later, belonged to the Venetian Republic between the fourteenth and eighteenth centuries. Early nineteenth French, English until 1864 when it became part of the Greek state.

Trip to Málaga and Granada

We are already organizing our next trip to Malaga and Granada, from 13 to 20 March. During the trip we will enjoy the Islamic gardening of the Alcazaba and the kitchens, courtyards and gardens of old palaces turned into museums, the always fascinating Botanical of Conception, a little known jewel of Forestier in Ronda and the "new" gardens that we will visit on our excursions outside the city. As always, we will count on Ignacio R. Somovilla as accompanying guide specialist in gardens throughout the trip.

Trip to Madeira

We are already preparing the first trip to the next year with destination to Madeira. From 23 to 30 January 2017 and, as always, with the great support of our guide, Ignacio R. Somovilla,  we´ll enter into the exotic flora of its gardens, more of them belonging to English families with a mixing of Portuguese culture and colonial vocation. Besides, its native landscaping, irrigation channels and traditional architecture makes this island an unavoidable destination.