Section 4. Basic rules for the application of resources and for the determining of the beneficiaries.

Article 11º.-Application of resources.

The Foundation has the obligation to assign its assets and income to the aims of the Foundation. To this effect it will assign to the achievement of the said aims at least 70% of its net income and other resources obtained through any circumstances, less, where appropriate, the corresponding taxes, within four years of their receipt.

Article 12º.-Determining of the beneficiaries.

12.1.- The principal beneficiaries of the Foundation are the ecosystems and natural spaces which form the initial basis of the studies and scientific judgements of the Foundation's executive and advisory bodies.

12.2.- In other cases, the Foundation will act with impartiality and non-discrimination when determining its beneficiaries.

12.3.- To this effect, all calls for the ajudication of grants and aid will be subject to the principles of publicity, merit and equality, with no room for distinction because of age, sex, nationality, civil status and beliefs.