Section 3. The Foundation's complementary bodies

Article 9º.-The Foundation's Scientific Board.

A Scientific Board of the Foundation can exist, made up of a minimum of three members appointed by the Board of Trustees from people of recognised prestige at a university level or in research in any of the areas outlined in the aims of the Foundation.

The function of the Scientific Board will be to advise the Board of Trustees on everything which concerns the aims and functioning of the Foundation.

The meetings of the Scientific Board will be presided over by the President of the Board of Trustees or any member of the Board to whom the task is delegated.

The opinion of the Scientific Board will be required, but not binding, for the adoption of the following agreements:

1º.-Approval of the annual programme of activities and any modifications.

2º.-Approval of the bases for calls for research grants, help and prizes.

3º.-Approval of studies and projects.

4º.-Merger of the Foundation with another or others.

Included in the annual budget will be the fees which the members of the Scientific Board can claim from the Foundation for carrying out their advisory roles.

The Scientific Board will be established in the course of a maximum period of ten years.


Article 10º.-Other complementary and advisory bodies.

At the proposal of the Board of Trustees other advisory bodies can be created at any time if it is thought to be convenient for the better achievement of the aims of the Foundation.