Section One. General Orders

Article 1º. -Name:

The Fundación Enrique Montoliu de la Comunitat Valenciana, established in the city of Valencia in the year 1997, is forthwith known as FUNDEM - Fundación Enrique Montoliu de la Comunitat Valenciana. The acronym FUNDEM brings together the patrimony of its founder and the environmental action and protection of the flora and fauna of the Mediterranean in what generally constitutes,its mission , in order to establish a better identification of the Foundation's objectives and the justification of its creation.

FUNDEM - Fundación Enrique Montoliu de la Comunitat Valenciana is a non-profit making entity which is governed by the present Statutes and also by the laws and regulations applicable to Foundations, in particular Law 8/1998, dated 9th December, governing Foundations of the Comunidad Valenciana and modified by Law 9/2008, dated 3rd July, of the Generalitat Valenciana and, when decreed, by the state regulations Law 50/2002, dated 26th December, for Foundations, and also Law 49/2002, dated 23rd December, concerning the fiscal system for non-profit making entities and fiscal incentives for tsponsorship, and any successive reglations that may be enacted.

These Statutes will be applied on their own terms. If necessary they will be interpreted in accordance with the current legislation and in accordance with the will of its Founder-President or, at a future date, by any successive patrons-presidents. All of this notwithstanding the competences which the legal code of law reserves for the Protectorado de Fundaciones.

Article 2º. Personality and capacity.

The Foundation has its own judicial personality and full capacity to fulfil its aims.


Article 3º. The Foundation's Aims.

The aims of the Foundation are the preservation, protection, restoration, study and management of natural and cultural assets in their various forms and manifestations, as well as the enhancement of the biodiversity and the importance of preserving it; environmental balance and education for a responsible human development which respects the right of future generations to find and be able to live in a habitable world, putting special emphasis on climatic change.

The attainment of these aims will be done through intervention plans and projects which the Foundation establishes, of particular note among which are those which follow in a purely expository manner:

1) The execution of projects and, where appropriate, their realisation by the Foundation itself, either alone or in collaboration with other public or private entities, on its own lands or through agreements with third parties, all of this with the aim of protecting, preserving, recovering and increasing natural spaces and their flora and fauna.

2) The execution of interventions aimed at protecting, promoting and, where appropriate, creating gardens representative of the botanical wealth of the Mediterranean.

3) The acquisition of forestland or rustic land with the aim of guaranteeing their environmental protection, preserving and fostering their biodiversity.

4) The execution and promotion of scientific projects and studies on nature in all its manifestations and magnitudes, with special dedication to those which prevent the degradation of the ecosystems and the reduction of its flora and fauna; the advance of erosion and desertification; the persistance of forest fires; and those which favour the balance of aquifers and ways of refilling them without contamiinating them.

5) The organisation and execution of cultural and educational activities such as conferences, musical performances, dances, literary events, theatre and cinema which contribute to the development of a higher level of participation and awareness of society regarding the aims of the Foundation.

6) The development and promotion of cultural assets in the rural world with special emphasis on the customs and habits derived from Man's co-existence with nature and his committment to sustainability.

7) The giving of advice to other private and public entities in matters relating to the Foundation.

8) An active relationship with any public and private entities which have objectives in common with the Foundation, setting up one-off or long-term agreements in order to exchange experiences, share efforts and the means necessary for the execution of the Foundation's aims.

9) The setting up of a special collaborative relationship with universities and organisations in the scientific world, developing studies and research through calls for grants, help and other instruments of study and research.

10) The development and promotion of a stable relationship of collaboration with the Administración Ambiental at all levels, preserving its independence.

11) The development of whatever interventions are necessary to fulfil the aims of the Foundation in accordance with the legal system.

In addition, the Foundation promotes peace and harmony between humans, recognising and respecting their cultural, political and religious diversity and therefore and for this reason, it is not affiliated to any partisan ideology or religious belief, unless this means giving up participation in social and public life when necessary through the channels which correspond to it as an entity which develops its activities for the benefit of the general interest.


Article 4º. Address, range and duration.

The address of the Foundation is in Valencia, Plaza de Mariano Benlliure, número 5, puerta 29.

The Foundation can change its address through an agreement with its Board of Trustees and by making the necessary change to the Statutes before the Protectorado de Fundaciones, communicating it to the Administración Tributaria and to the remaining appropriate bodies of the Administraciones Públicas.

The Foundation carries out its activities mainly in the Comunidad Valenciana, notwithsanding it can extend them to any part of the world and can do so itself or through collaboration with other organsations with common aims and objectives in any area.

The duration of the Foundation is indefinite and its expiry can only happen according to the process set out in the Statutes and, where appropriate, through other causes and manners foreseen in the laws of the judiciary.

Nevertheless, the Foundation can also develop, on its own or in collaboration with other private or public entities, projects related to its statutory aims anywhere in the world.